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Health wealth and the pursuit of happiness...

The path to happiness starts with your desire to have a better life for you and your family... Don't be discouraged by others that are always saying "NO, You can't DO that"... I say YES you CAN!!! 

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American Veteran Legion: VETERAN-NATION

If you can't BEAT them, leave THEM!!! 

The 2nd Civil War does not have to be BLOODY the Veteran-Nation just needs... New Territory to conquer.  What better real estate than the MOON or the OCEAN.

Well we can't get to the MOON but we can get to the OCEAN... The colonist had to stop at California because they ran out of LAND lol... Thanks to technology today we have mega city ships called aircraft carriers that hold 5,000 service members to wage WAR off-shore!!! The Nuclear powered USS NAUTILUS & USS George Washington

Give peace a chance... make LOVE not WAR, so lets build CITY ships and head out to GREEN-Skye's. <<Watch The VIDEO>>xx

Mega-Engineering Floating City Concept 01AKWZBqSMU8U

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Registration is FREE, event tickets sold help pay for FREE life-time memberships for Vets that can not afford it to the DISABLED AMERICAN VETERAN Assoc. who we support because the help fight for VETS rights in Congress...

@ ZYBERIUM: The Human Element    United We Stand...

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